Cryptomeetup will issue its own token, called “CMU”, based on Kyubey’s protocol. Token holders can share the profit of Cryptomeetup platform and participant in the community’s self-government by staking CMU token. Also, the CMU token is a utility token that players can use CMU to buy game assets.
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10000 EOS
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Story of inspiration

People says, the most two significant utilities of blockchain are initial token offering &meetups. We bring them together!

This Dapp has been inspired by Foursquare and Cryptocountry.

Foursquare is a local search-and-discovery service mobile app which provides search results for its users. The app provides personalized recommendations of places to go to near a user's current location based on users' "previous browsing history, purchases, or check-in history"

Cryptocountry is a popular DApp game on Ethereum. In this game, people make profit by purchasing ERC721 digital assets which represents virtual countries.

Although this economic is unsustainable for any single game, but as a gameplay type, this pattern is enduring. Some successor e.g. Ether Town and Pixel Master also have similar gameplay.

We hope we can combine them together to create a sustainable gaming model.

Cryptomeetup Introduction

Cryptomeetup is a global blockchain meetup portal, fully run on EOS blockchain and built with cutting edge technologies. It will be a boost for the development of the blockchain community in that it provides nice visualization of on-going and future blockchain meetups in a 3D interactive way. Users can easily find desired meetups in Cryptomeetup. In addition, all users can publish or share meetups for free.

To avoid spam, Cryptomeetup also hands over the right to manage events to the community. Any user can spend some EOS to compete for the region manager (token owner), i.e. has permission to manage events in a specific region.

Besides viewing and publishing meetups in the 3D virtual world, Cryptomeetup also has build-in Token Economic. Cryptomeetup will issue its platform token, called "CMU". Each CMU token is issued by Quasi-Bancor algorithm and the Cryptomeetup development team doesn’t reserve any.

CMU Token holders becomes the shareholder of Cryptomeetup and eligible to share the profit of Cryptomeetup platform and participant in the community’s self-government by staking CMU token. Also, the CMU token is a utility token that players can use CMU to purchase game assets.

In conclusion, users can interact with the Cryptomeetup DApp in the following ways:

  • As an investor, you can invest in CMU token and game assets;

  • As a game player, you can stake the CMU token to vote and share the platform profit;

  • As an event organizer, you can advertise your event around the world.

How to get the CMU Token?

  1. Participants in the game testing series to mine the CMU token

  2. Join the crowdfunding at

  3. Trade in decentralized exchange

CMU will issue based on Quasi-Bancor algorithm, and the token sale (crowdfunding) will separate into several group buying phases.

How to sell CMU Token

To prevent the robot from maliciously billing, CMU token has built-in transaction fee since first token distribution. The transaction fee will liner decrease similar to the Dutch auction. The starting transaction fee is 50% (only the seller will be charged), which is linearly reduced to 10% within 24 hours since the first token distribution.

The transaction fee will be charged when there is a p2p transfer or directly sell the CMU token back to the smart contract. The transaction fees will 100% deliver to the Cryptomeetup Community Arbitration Commission (CCAC) for community development.

What is CCAC

Cryptomeetup aims to development a fully decentralized antonomous system. CMU token holder is able to have the voting rights and share platform’s dividend.

Token holder can stake CMU token to get the voting rights of Cryptomeetup Community Arbitration Committee (CCAC)’s member. Top 12 notes will become members of CCAC and notes ranks from 13 – 36 become investigators.

Members will share the income weighted by votes obtained while investigators will share with weight of ½ votes.

Game Play

There are several levels of land assets and each level has its game mechanism, and the owner of the land token will share part of its profits to upper level land owner. Currently, we have 3 levels: world > continents > nations, and will open cities and landmarks in the near future.

Cryptomeetup launched its alpha test on 26th of October at 12:00 UTC, with limited gaming feature. During the alpha test, users can trade the country token and mining the CMU token. Over 50 EOS accounts join the alpha test.

Since the alpha test, the developer team immediately fixed the bugs and keeps improving the user experience. Check the medium post to get the latest updates.

The cryptomeetup team will launch its 2nd test with more gaming features, such as world counting down timer and country token timer.

So far, we only release the country token and will release the continent token by the balance of smart contract:

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