KBY is the token of Kyubey Network that issued by Kyubey Network’s DAIBO protocol. KBY token holders become the shareholders of Kyubey’s platform and share all the rights, including: sharing dividends of Kyubey’s profit, enjoying voting rights, and having airdrops from community DApps.
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Designed to improve the success of decentralized applications in the open source community and to aid in protecting the rights of the project owners and developers, Kyubey Network proposes a DAIBO protocol for DApps to issue smart tokens and provides an integrated incubator service which includes, but is not limited to, project setting up, technical consulting, crowdfunding, token exchange, DAC system, as well as providing developer tools for aiding in automatic package deployment.



2.1 ICO Bubble and Liquidity problem of small scale token

Initial coin offering(ICO) becomes a popular way for startups to raise fund in the past few years. All they need to do is to issue a standard ERC20 token with a whitepaper and promise a bright future of the project. Scammers are flooding into the market and raise huge amount of money by issuing useless tokens, which already created an “ICO bubble”.

Also, the top 10% of tokens make up 95% of the entire token market cap and represent 99% of all trading volume. With the market calming down, investors get hurt and no longer interested in the small scale token due to low liquidity.

2.2.IBO is blooming and will replace ICO in terms of DApp token offering

Bancor protocol has in-build convertibility within its smart contract infrastructure thus provides liquidity to small-scale tokens. If a new token issued from an IBO event, the raised fund will be sent to the smart contract directly. It means that the new token’s value is backed by the smart contract’s balance.

2.3. IBO also has its limitation

The price of each token is calculated by connector (another token you raised to issue the new token) balance, outstanding supply and Connector Weight (CW).

During an IBO event, the price (and supply) of the new token increases whenever the token is purchased, and decreases whenever it is sold, and in both cases relative to transaction volumes (meaning bigger increases or decreases for larger transactions in either direction).

However, the standard IBO model is unfair to the normal investors and sometimes also hurt the issuer in the following ways:

  • a.Token Investors:
    On one hand, the issuer can take advantage of the information asymmetry and can use secret accounts to buy large amount of tokens at the cheapest price; on the other hand, they will make the most profitable decision to sell the token at the highest price. Since buy/sell actions only interacted with the smart contract, all the tokens can be sold out. Even if the new token is issuing at a fix time and known to all, normal investors still can’t beat the robot to grab the first few tokens, which is unfair.
  • b.Token Issuers:
    In this token economy model, early investors are more likely to sell their tokens when they are satisfied with their profit. When selling is largely more than buying, the price will drop ,resulting in panic selling. As a consequence, the price will keep dropping and heading to zero. To prevent it happening too fast, some projects sets a selling fee, from 10% to 45% and lock the token holders’ option from 1 to 2 years. However, it pushes token holders taking risks to exchange over the counter and sell at a discount.

3.Kyubey’s competitive advantages

3.1Group buying mode to reduce robots’ early bird advantage

As mentioned above, current IBO projects obviously take the advantage of the entry timing, which is unfair to normal users. Therefore, we use the group buying mode integrated with several IBO phases to have the fairness.

3.2Community supervision and voting system

Rather than a centralized authority to judge the project process, here we encourage the community to vote for the project process. We can’t simply trust the developer or any other 3rd party organization says the project has finished 50% of its milestone. But the community can make the decision.

3.3Experienced Kyubey team

  • Experienced in DApp development, especially on Ethereum and EOS, the team developed more than ten DApps in 6 months.
  • The developer team is experienced in token economic and won several awards regarding to token economic.
  • Experienced in advising traditional game companies to develop DApp games. The team has advised 10+ popular traditional game companies on tokenized design.

3.4Kyubey’s ecosystem

Develpers can benefit from Kyubey’s partnership, technical community, as well as other resources. DApp developer teams can collaborate with each other to leverage the token economy.

4.Overview of Kyubey Ecosystem


4.1.Kyubey Lab / Incubator

Kyubey lab is a genius bar for developers to gather together and show their creativity, Dapps conceptions or any other interesting ideas. The Kyubey lab will help and support the community developers in the ways of technical consultant and support, fundraising by DAIBO, community resources and any other ways as you wish.

What should be especially mentioned is that Kyubey lab will offer a smart contract library to the public. The library will collect most of smart contracts which have been tagged and code reviewed by our professtional audit team. The community can use the contracts to create their products easily.


4.2Kyubey Dex

4.2.1 OTC exchange

The OTC exchange function launched at September 2018. It is fully on-chain order matching, decentralized, and free of charge. It aims to give the community a fair market to exchange and build a healthy ecology.

4.2.2Smart Contract (DAIBO) exchange

We are the first decentralized exchange that provide DAIBO function with blockchain smart contract. Users no longer need to visit each projects’ websites to do the transaction.Our Dex will provide a platform for the users to exchange the IBO token with each IBO contract and also the tokens could be exchanged pairedly. People can easily buy or sell tokens with DAIBO contract.

4.3 Kyubey Community

KBY token holders can have the voting rights by stake KBY and participate in the community management, such as voting and sharing the dividends.

5.Token Economy


5.1What is KBY

KBY is the token of Kyubey Network that issued by Kyubey Network’s DAIBO protocol. The KBY token holder automatically becomes the shareholder of Kyubey’s platform and share all the rights, including: sharing dividends of Kyubey’s profit, voting rights, airdrop from community’s DApp. Also it is listed on Dexs and is tradeble.

5.2KBY’s price function

(sources: https://kyubey.network/Token/KBY/curve)

5.3Fund Allocation



  • Kyubey Dex Launch
  • OTC exchange function (free of charge)
  • Kyubey Dex smart contract exchange (interact with DAIBO)
  • Kyubey Lab Launch
  • Everyone can submit their ideas
  • Voting mechanism for good ideas to incubate
  • DApp Projects fundraising on Kyubey.Network

DApp Token airdrops to KBY token holders

Dividend distribution to KBY token holders

  • Kyubey Incubator Launch
  • Smart Contract Library
  • Technical Consulting
  • Token economic consulting

7. Contact Details




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